GTA Online Exploit Puts Players’ Rockstar Games Accounts At Risk

Cheating has been a part of gaming since its early days, unfortunately ruining the fun in both local and online play. GTA Online boasts one of the biggest online communities, meaning it’s also a mess of hackers. Sadly, it seems those types have uncovered yet another exploit. By using it, they are completely breaking the balance between players, even to the point of ruining Rockstar Games accounts. As a result, these cheaters are dominating the game and completely destroying the competition. GTA Online has never been flawless, but rarely have its issues ever been this big or this serious.

Cheaters Using GTA Online Exploit

The release of Rockstar’s GTA V seems like ancient history now, with GTA Online following closely behind. The game was plagued with technical issues, and exploits are still being uncovered to this day. The newest is a severe exploit which allows cheaters to manipulate stats within the game as well as accounts.

Eurogamer also explored this, explaining how the exploit also allows these cheaters to not only improve their own standings within the game, but also to attack the accounts of other players. There are numerous reports of innocent players saying that their accounts have been blocked or corrupted. Rockstar is working on a solution in their upcoming security update.

The Grand Theft Auto series prides itself on giving players a huge urban playground to run amok in, and GTA Online is the same. Based on the GTA V city of Los Santos, players show up in the city as new arrivals looking to make their mark. Whether it’s by themselves or with friends, the goal is whatever the city offers. You’re free to participate in numerous events such as races, chases, heists, and more to show your skills. You can also go for the tycoon angle and try to buy up businesses to grow your wealth and power throughout the city. Either way, you can find fun down all paths.

GTA Online has had its fair share of problems and now faces what could be its biggest. Cheaters are using the newest exploit to boost their accounts and lower others, so hopefully, Rockstar’s next update will address it quickly and effectively.