GTA Online Explosive Bullets | How to Get

We all know how chaotic GTA Online lobbies can be. People often join a lobbies with the sole intention of killing everyone they see, which can be a pain if you’re grinding missions. As such, a lot of players use GTA Online explosive bullets to stave off enemies, showing them how powerful their arsenal is. If you want to use the explosive bullets in GTA Online, here’s how to get them.

How to Get Explosive Bullets in GTA Online

How to Get Explosive Bullets in GTA Online

Bad news for newcomers to GTA Online, because explosive ammo is only available to especially advanced players. The only way to unlock explosive bullets is by owning a bunker. Bunkers provide research tasks to unlock advanced armaments, but you’ll need to spend millions of in-game GTA$ before the option becomes available.

Once you manage to procure a bunker, head there and speak to the workers. You can commission them to complete research tasks, unlocking new weapons and attachments over time. One such example of this is the explosive bullets. Talk to the staff, choose Research, and then select the explosive rounds path. Once that’s done, you have to wait for it to complete, which can take a long time.

After the research is finished, you can head to your Weapons Workshop within the bunker to equip explosive rounds on any gun. Note that the weapon needs to be upgraded to at least level 2, so make sure that’s done before the research is completed. When that’s done, you can purchase new explosive rounds from any Ammu-nation across Los Santos.

Once you have explosive ammo in your upgraded weapon, you’ll be practically unstoppable. Just one shot will send most vehicles up in flames in one hit. That’ll make dealing with griefers much easier, as well as completing the more difficult missions. Just be ready for the long wait while the research goes on. That’s as well as the money you’ll need to buy a bunker. From there though, it’s plain sailing!