GTA Online | How to Open an Arcade

Expanding your property portfolio is one of the best ways to earn money in GTA Online. From bunkers to apartments, pretty much every type of business is available, including arcades. First added in the Diamond Casino Heist update, you can now purchase and use your own Arcade to earn cash while also setting up heists. Read on to learn about how to open an arcade in GTA Online.

How to Open an Arcade in GTA Online

How to Open an Arcade in GTA Online

To open an arcade in GTA Online, you’ll first need to speak to Lester. This familiar face from the story mode will tell you about the range of properties on offer, including arcades. After that, you can purchase one from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. The cheapest arcade costs $1,235,000, while the most expensive is $2,530,000. As such, you’ll need to be pretty rich to open an arcade in GTA Online.

Once you’ve purchased an arcade, you’ll have to complete a few setup missions before you can start using it. This is the same for a lot of properties in the game, requiring you to scour Los Santos for some specialist equipment. Lester will call you sporadically to tell you if a Flatbed truck is nearby, containing valuable setup equipment. When that happens, you’ll need to stop the van, kill the driver, steal it, and head to your arcade to deposit the goods.

Once you complete enough of those setup missions, the arcade should be up and running. From there you can plan heists, customize your safehouse, and kit it out with more upgrades. They include a garage to store cars, as well as personal quarters to designate as spawn points when you first load into GTA Online. Lastly, you can also buy high score screens, to give a bit of real-life competition to the arcade machines scattered throughout.

Arcades do bring in passive income, but it isn’t much. If you want to make money playing GTA Online solo, there are much more profitable ventures.

As such, arcades in GTA Online mostly a very handy type of safehouse. They may not be easily accessible to newcomers, but long-term players should definitely consider a purchase.