GTA Online | How to Register as MC President

Most of us will likely never become rich and famous, but at least we can still live out that fantasy virtually thanks to GTA Online. The game gives you many opportunities to amass stupid amounts of money and rise to a position of great power, like becoming a VIP or registering as CEO of a major corporation. Not interested in big business? Well, maybe president of a motorcycle club might be more up your alley. Keep reading to find out how to become an MC president in the game.

How to Register as MC President in GTA Online

How to Register as MC President in GTA Online

Just like in real life, registering as the president of a motorcycle club in GTA Online is not cheap. On the bright side, there’s no bureaucracy. So you can become MC president in just a matter of minutes if you have the dough.

First, you’ll need buy a clubhouse. You can do this by opening the browser app on your phone and visiting the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. There are a dozen options to choose from, ranging in price from $250K all the way up to $420K. The location of the clubhouse doesn’t matter too much. Same with the Renovations. Feel free to go with one of the cheaper ones if you don’t want to spend money needlessly. If you change your mind, you can always buy them later.

Once you’re the owner of a clubhouse, you can register as MC president via the Interactions Menu. Simply go to the ‘Motorcycle Club’ section and then select the ‘Start a Motorcycle Club’ option. Using that same menu you can invite other players to join your club as Prospects. Alternatively, you can join theirs as a Prospect.

Now that you’re president, you can use the laptop found in your clubhouse to launch jobs and buy MC businesses. Among other things, a president can also store up to 10 bikes in their clubhouse, promote or demote club members, and initiate a Riding Formation.