GTA Online | How to Skip Tutorial

The sprawling open world of GTA Online likely isn’t new to most players. Rockstar’s behemoth crime game has been going strong since 2013, though newcomers are constantly arriving in Los Santos. Still, if you are new to GTA Online, you’ll have to go through a tutorial. This catches you up with the key game mechanics, and introduces you to some of the main players. If you’ve seen it all before though, here’s how to skip the GTA Online tutorial.

How to Skip Tutorial in GTA Online

How to Skip Tutorial in GTA Online

Interestingly, there isn’t a proper way to skip the GTA Online tutorial. Once you’re in the tutorial, you’ll notice that there aren’t any options to pass it by. As such, most players will decide to bite the bullet and get through the 30-minute tutorial once and for all.

However, there is a way to cheese past the GTA Online tutorial. Once you get to the parts of this guided introduction and get hands-on, you can fail the first objective purposefully three times. As with most other Grand Theft Auto V missions, you’ll eventually get the option to skip that objective. Doing so will technically bypass the tutorial, setting you loose in Los Santos.

While this may be an appealing option, there are some drawbacks to skipping the tutorial. Firstly, you won’t get any of the perks you earn for completing it, such as a free car and plenty of XP. Equally, newcomers may find themselves overwhelmed by the vast array of activities and pastimes in Los Santos, which the tutorial explains. Therefore, new players may still want to give it a playthrough.

If this isn’t your first rodeo though, skipping the GTA Online tutorial could be a wise move. You may not get those progression boosts, but if you’ve played the game before you’ll likely already know how easy it can be to amass wealth. Since there isn’t a proper skipping option though, it seems like Rockstar wants you to play the tutorial as intended.