GTA Online Panther Statue | What Is It Worth?

It’s always heist season in GTA Online! After all, the game’s biggest payouts all depend on high-level, highly organized crime. However, the Cayo Perico Heist sometimes sees an extravagant new target arrive: the Panther Statue. This relic is exceptionally rare, only appearing briefly before disappearing for months. But why should you bother tracking it down? Exactly how much is it this statue worth? For that matter, is it easy to farm? Let’s go over the facts so you can start counting your money.

What Is the Panther Statue Worth in GTA Online?

What Is the Panther Statue Worth in GTA Online

The Panther Statue in GTA Online is worth 1.9 million GTA dollars. It’s one of the primary targets of the Cayo Perico heist, and the single most valuable target available. However, you’ll only be able to steal the statue once. You’ll find this extremely valuable item locked up within El Rubio’s Inner Sanctum.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the gilded Panther Statue in any other heist. It’s exclusive to Cayo Perico. However, Cayo Perico is already one of the best ways to farm money while playing solo. While a single player could normally rake in about $1 million running Cayo Perico alone, the Panther Statue increases the value of a solo run up to around $2.2 million.

With that said, this opportunity doesn’t last forever. When the Panther Statue appears, it’s normally only around for a few weeks. It has been seen in the past, of course. Rockstar previously made this relic available from May 20, 2021 to May 26, 2021. It only seems to arrive once a year, though so you will want to move quickly. Be sure to log on so you can fatten your bank account!

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