GTA Online Ghost Car Location | How to Summon

While GTA Online is well-known for its affinity for cars, the new Halloween Event is bringing a demonic vehicle to the forefront. This thing is a reference to Stephen King’s Christine, and it’s absolutely horrifying to meet if you’re not ready for it. As to why you wish to be run down by this ghost car, we’ll never know. However, if you’re willing to undertake the following steps, then you’ll know exactly how to get face-to-face with the Phantom Car.

How to Summon the Phantom Ghost Car in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online Ghost Car

In order to summon the Ghost Car in Grand Theft Auto Online, you’ll need to be out of buildings in Free Roam between 9 pm and 5 am. You’ll have to play for eight in-game hours, with at least one other player in your session. You can be in a normal vehicle or on-foot, but the Phantom Car won’t spawn if you’re in a weaponized vehicle such as a tank. If all of these conditions are met, wait outside for a few minutes, and a menacing Declasse Tornado will start driving around you. You can kill it, or you can escape by getting in a new vehicle or weaponized vehicle.

This event doesn’t seem to have any rewards directly associated with it. Christine is very scary – as scary as the Los Santos Slasher – but it is still a car. Explosive weapons and focus-fire is going to be all that it takes to bring it down. Especially with friends, the Declasse Tornado isn’t going to take much firepower to stop.

However, it is pretty sophisticated and interesting to watch. While you’re in a car, it will simply follow you around, almost stalking you. And it will keep following you until the daylight comes, you’re alone in the server, or you leave Free Roam mode.

Once you leave the car, or if you’re walking around, then it goes aflame! It’ll rush at you like an aggressive police car and will both hit you and light you on fire. This can do pretty serious damage, depending on how fast it got beforehand. Thankfully, it’s rarely a one-shot.

These Halloween events are fantastic! If you’re looking forwards to the future of GTA, you can see if the Expanded and Enhanced is coming to PC or the Switch!