GTA Online Slasher Locations | Where to Find

In a surprise update to GTA Online, Rockstar has introduced quite a few spooky elements to Los Santos. You’ll find all sorts of awesome Easter (Halloween?) eggs as you explore the city. However, there is one that is undeniably terrifying: the Los Santos Slasher, a brutal killer that stalks around GTA Online. If you want to take them down, you’ll need to get them out in the open. So, let’s try and murder a murderer!

Where to Find the Slasher in GTA Online Halloween 2021

Where to Find the Slasher in GTA Online Halloween 2021

In order to find the Los Santos Slasher in GTA Online, you’ll need to find five clues. The clues are in the following order:

  1. On the side of a wall in Great Chaparral, which says “CAN YOU FIND ME?”
  2. The Sandy Shores Airfield runway, where you’ll see an amputated hand surrounded by junk.
  3. A machete sticks out of the entrance of a farm in Grapeseed, in the center of the western block of buildings.
  4. A bloody hand print is found on the door of a public toilet behind Bayview Lodge. This is in the Paleto Bay Forest.
  5. Inside of the Killer’s van. This van can be found near the Fort Zancudo on the river next to the bridge, next to the Mount Gordo highway off-roading, at the Palmer-Taylor power station, next to the railray under the highway in the San Chianski Mountain Range, or at the Raton Canyon near some trees overlooking the river.

If the game confirms that you have gotten all five clues, the Killer will text you. The Killer fights you in Blaine County, at night, while you’re on foot. So, stay in a nice, open area and fill them with lead to give you time to kill them quick.

Finding all of the clues and taking down the slasher will earn you $75,000 and the Navy Revolver. You can land 50 headshots with this thing to get $200,000, and a Red Dead Online weapon.

GTA Online Halloween 2021 Slashers Event Locations

GTA Online Slasher

However, in preparation for 2021’s Halloween event, we have a few more killers to worry about!

If you want to spawn the Slashers in this event, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • 9 pm to 5 am on the in-game clock.
  • You cannot be in a fancy vehicle, like a jet or a tank.
  • 8 in-game hours must have past.
  • You cannot be in a building. The server must be on Free Roam

Then, you must be in one of the areas. Each killer has specific zones, so be inside of them if you want them to spawn.

  • Ski Mask Slasher: Banham Canyon, Great Chaparral, Vinewood Hills, Tongva Valley.
  • Clwon Killer: Los Santos City.
  • The Shape: Alamo Sea, Mount Chiliad, Paleto Bay.
  • Fiery Driver: Redwood Light Tracks, La Puerta.

Killing all Slashers will get you $75,000 and the Navy Revolver!

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