GTA Online The Contract | How to Unlock Hangar Doors

Sometimes when it comes to Rockstar Games and GTA Online, it’s the smallest details that can catch us off guard. The addition of The Contract DLC sees the return of beloved criminal Franklin Clinton linking up with hip-hop producer Dr. Dre. Obviously, your Online character comes into play when trouble is a-calling. But when you need to deliver a Shinobi back to the Agency during the Vehicle Recovery mission, you might find yourself stuck in the airport hangar with the motorcycle. You’re tasked with unlocking the hangar doors, but how? It’s hard to spot, but this quick guide will help you in getting out of the hangar.

How to Unlock Hangar Doors in GTA Online

GTA Online How to Unlock Hangar Doors

You can unlock the hangar doors looking for the airport ladder near the doors. They’re basically the moving elevated ramps that airport employees use to hoist passengers onto an aircraft. To the right side of the airport ladder you’ll find a small green button stamped onto a wall beam. Get close, and you’ll spot the white arrow pointing down toward it. Press this button to open the hangar doors and travel back to the Agency.

The mission sees your character finally getting the big chair as they partner up with Franklin Clinton. The GTA V protagonist has gone huge in San Andreas – so huge that they’re unable to get his hands dirty out there in the world. That’s where you come in. After Franklin welcomes you to your office, he’ll bring you up to speed with the Agency Network, which will give you access to Security Contracts. Vehicle Recovery will be among them, which has the hangar doors in question.

A client of Franklin’s has gotten his bike stolen by some thieves who are stationed at the Los Santos International Airport. Make your way to the hangar to wipe out the thieves and recover the stolen Nagasaki Shinobi. However, once you’re through with the criminals and locate the bike, Imani will soon text to inform you that the hangar is on lockdown, and you have to unlock the doors. Refer to the steps as aforementioned above with the green button, and you’ll be ready to roll out.

GTA Online Hangar Doors Green Button

Once you open the doors, you’ll want to dart away from the area. A few enemies will be outside the hangar. But since you’re on a motorcycle, you can easily get away from these foes without taking a concrete-eating tumble. Ride back to the Agency, and Franklin will thank you for your continued violent efforts.

The hangar’s green button isn’t the only small object that we’ve tried to find due to its complicated location and size. But if you need more tips and tricks for GTA Online, be sure to peek into these other guides right here: