GTA Online | What Is JP Used For?

GTA Online is littered with currencies to help you fulfill your criminal dreams, and JP is one of them. Short for Job Points, they play a big role when you’re partaking in missions, or setting up a playlist of jobs to earn some XP. If you find yourself accumulating Job Points but aren’t exactly sure what you’re gaining from it, we’re here to help. Here’s a breakdown of what JP is used for in GTA Online.

What Does JP Do in GTA Online?

GTA Online JP

Frankly speaking, your JP actually does very little in the GTA Online experience, and is more of a skill marker than something of physical value. Even though you earn them alongside cash and XP, their utilities are far fewer.

In fact, JP is very much a short-lived currency in GTA Online. While you accumulate it in matches, your balance will reset once you leave a lobby or close down the game. Its window of utility is therefore quite small, but it works more as a marker of someone’s skill in the game, rather than a currency to spend on new items.

Yes, while setting up a lobby, or even a heist, you’ll see the JP of each player that joins. As expected, the higher someone’s JP, the more jobs they’ve recently completed. As such, if it’s a high-stakes mission where a lot of money is on the line, you can choose your crewmates based on their JP. Equally, they can be used for more menial parts of the GTA Online matchmaking experience.

The higher a player’s JP, the more reliable they’re considered. As such, if a lobby needs a new host, they’ll likely take the mantle.

Overall though, you’ll find that GTA Online Job Points aren’t as useful as other metrics in the game. It’ll help you pick new criminal partners, but you won’t be able to spend your JP on exclusive goodies.