GTA Online | When Does It Snow?

It’s Christmas time in GTA Online, and snow is expected to drop during the festive season. Ever since the inception of the Online portion for Grand Theft Auto 5, snowfall has been something to anticipate each year. With the game being set in sunny Los Santos, snow is typically a rare sight. The developers have dedicated themselves to including snow around the Christmas date for the Online folks every year. But when does it happen?

When Does It Snow in GTA Online?

When Does It Snow In GTA Online?

Snow usually starts to fall in GTA Online a week or so before Christmas, as part of the Festive Surprise event. However, even during that time, you may not always encounter snowfall. Some will enter into a lobby with snow and some will not.

At the time of writing, snow should be starting to fall in Los Santos. If you are encountering an issue with the snow, it could be due to the recent release of The Contract DLC with Franklin and hip-hop producer and icon Dr. Dre. But rest assured, the holiday season is underway for the players in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Festive Surprise has been a welcoming inclusion in the GTA Online universe. This event gifts players with holiday items to equip and utilize in their adventures across Los Santos. It’s all in celebration of the holiday season, for players don Santa and elf-wear as they commit to holly-jolly trouble to cause.

However, the event is temporary, as is expected for a holiday event set around Christmas. It usually runs for less than a month; predict the snow to dissipate within the first or second of January. Just be careful when you’re rushing through traffic with the cops on your tail – drifting on snow is another challenge in itself when you’re used to the streets in Los Santos.

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