GTA Online | Where to Find the Safe Combination

The newest DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online is perfect! The Contract is not only proving itself to be a natural continuation of the story, but it adds yet more content to Online’s repertoire. Part of the content is a journey to Tequi-La-La, a new establishment to explore and collect items for. And collect items you must, if you want to complete the mission correctly! In order to complete the Valuables mission, though, you’re going to need a safe combination. This can be found randomly within the building, but… Where specifically?

The Contract | Where to Find the Safe Combination

Grand Theft Auto GTA Online Safe Combination

There are three different locations that you must head to if you want to find the safe combination for GTA Online The Contract. It will be on a yellow sticky note in one of these areas:

  • Behind the Bar: Head to the ground floor and check above the low refrigerators.
  • Left of the Stage: On the ground floor, near the bar, check to the side of the stage. There should be a platform with some speakers. Check around that area.
  • Near the Black Couches: Check the black couches within sight of the stage for the yellow sticky note.

Thankfully, these locations are all relatively close to each other. Once you find the bar on the ground floor, all three are within sight. Quickly jog around and check in each area to see if you can find anything. If you don’t find the combination, simply check the next location.

Once you find the sticky note, your character now knows the code. Head upstairs to find the safe in a pretty obvious office location.

This will complete your mission, a Security Contract. This will give you points towards the much more enticing VIP contract that lets you help Dr. Dre.

Just when you think GTA Online is done, it comes back with even more things to do! This service is going to last forever at this rate. Since it might, let’s go over some things that’ll help you out in the harsh world of Los Santos.