GTA San Andreas | How to Recruit Gang Members

Carl isn’t the only Grove Street member in GTA San Andreas that needs to clean up the competition. Upon his return home to Los Santos, our protagonist is caught in the middle of an ongoing gang war with multiple rivals. The only way to make it to the top is to wipe out the neighboring threats with some help. And in GTA San Andreas, Carl can do just that with the leadership skills to recruit fellow gang members. That’s where you come in.

How to Recruit Gang Members in GTA San Andreas

GTa San Andreas How to Recruit Gang Members Grove Street

Carl can recruit any of his Grove Street gang members by pressing up on the D-Pad or the “G” key. You can dismiss them at any point by pressing down on the D-Pad or the “H” key. Ultimately, they can also be dismissed by getting killed in combat, meaning your gang members will follow you until they perish.

Once Carl gains the ability the recruit fellow members, he can have up two allies to ride by his side. When it comes to taking down rival gang territories, having a few homies with you certainly won’t hurt. In Los Santos, the streets are mean and cold, and bullets fly over like birds in a hurry. The Ballas, Vagos, and Aztecas have their own dedicated turfs, and going in alone could lead Carl to the hospital (unless you’ve activated your cheats, of course).

With enough Respect, Carl can potentially recruit up to seven Grove Street members to help him on his missions. As with many stats in the game, the player can increase them by engaging in different activities across San Andreas. To increase your Respect, all you need to do is progress through the main story missions and kill rival gang members. Anything that benefits the Grove Street Families will deepen the Respect that Carl receives from the hood.

Be careful when recruiting too many members, however. Fallen Grove Streets gang members will result in decreased Respect. This also applies to any Grove Street territory that falls into rival hands. Just make sure you’re strapped like a one-man army, and all of the gang-related territories will soon be yours.