GTA Trilogy | Is There Online Multiplayer?

With the GTA Trilogy launching right around the corner, fans are eager to dive back into the classics. The Trilogy will feature three unique titles: Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas — all in remastered form. Back in the day, these were the ultimate single-player experiences where players were free to do almost whatever they pleased. And with the success of Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online, will we see any online multiplayer for the GTA Trilogy?

Does GTA Trilogy Have Online Multiplayer?

GTA Trilogy Online Multiplayer Support

No, the GTA Trilogy will not support online multiplayer. Since the original three games were single-player titles, this shouldn’t come as a shocker.

The Grand Theft Auto series didn’t implement online play until Grand Theft Auto IV. The Trilogy is strictly a remastered experience that aims to bring the classics to a modern audience with updated graphics. If anything, there might be online boards for various stats in the Rockstar Games Social Club where players link their accounts. But as far as online multiplayer matchmaking, we won’t be seeing that around for the GTA Trilogy.

Due to the limited capabilities of the original games, there is some potential for split-screen functionality. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had such a feature where two players could enter the same screen to mainly cause havoc on the world. And with how popular Grand Theft Auto is, it’d be surprising if the developers didn’t instill every known aspect from the games in question. These are, however, remastered titles, so it’s possible that new mechanics might be introduced. But it’s best to rely on the fact that the games will mostly be single-player friendly.

For the aforementioned Rockstar Games Social Club, there are a few ways that players can share their GTA Trilogy achievements. One popular mechanic we’re seeing in video games today is the Photo Mode feature that allows the player to snap pictures in-game with editing options.

There’s also the inclusion of Crews for players to team up and show off their respective emblems. Plus, the protagonists can change up their attire, which might encourage the developers and players to equip their personally-crafted outfits. There’s plenty of community content that everyone can engage with, so we will have to see what happens.