GTA Trilogy Physical Editions Releasing Three Weeks After Digital

A new trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Remastered trilogy released today. With a first glimpse at gameplay and the upgraded graphics, we also got confirmation of a release date. The game will launch digitally on November 11, with physical versions landing December 7. It’s rare to see a gap between digital and physical editions — particularly one of over three weeks — which makes the new GTA trilogy an interesting case.

Three Weeks Between GTA Digital and Physical Editions

GTA Physical Editions

Yes, it’s not a common occurrence, but there will be a reasonably significant gap between the GTA Remastered Trilogy arriving on digital marketplaces, and landing on disc. Normally, most triple-A titles release on the same day, in all formats. However, this isn’t the case with the GTA trilogy — and there could be a good reason why.

Yes, it’s speculation, but it might boil down to the game’s current pre-release state. Since it takes very little time to upload a game onto a digital marketplace, developers can work on a title closer to its release date. That isn’t the case for physical editions, which need time to be printed and distributed to stores. This GTA delay might suggest that Rockstar will be working on the game much closer to its release date. As such, the discs would launch a little later, affording time for printing once the game is out.

However, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything of this sort. In fact, aside from the release date confirmation, the company hasn’t commented on this gap at all. It’s news that might irk those who prefer physical media, and wanted to add the GTA remasters to their shelves. Particularly with the nostalgia attributed to GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, it’ll be hard for fans to resist purchasing the digital editions.

That said, those wanting to hold the trilogy in their hands will have to wait a little longer.