Guardians of the Galaxy Groot or Rocket Choice | Who To Sell

Well, I bet you wish this choice wasn’t required to be made this early in Guardians of the GalaxyHeck, you probably wish it wasn’t in the game at all! The choice of selling Groot or Rocket right now is going to be one that echoes for a little bit of gameplay. The pros and cons are rather minor, and neither will stay gone forever. But, you should know what you’re getting into, so we’ll tell you which friend to throw under the bus first.

Spoiler Alerts: This guide contains plot details for an event in the early-midgame of Guardians of the Galaxy. Read on at your own risk!

Should You Sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Groot or Rocket

The question of selling either Groot or Rocket is answered based on your preferred play style; stealth or fighting. Selling Groot will guarantee you 10,000 credits – 12,000 if Drax negotiates – and allow you to explore the Lady’s home through stealth. Selling Rocket will start a fight, and you’ll have to brawl out of a vault which has 12,000 credits in there. Otherwise, the choice will determine where you can find a few cosmetics.

Technically, selling Groot will probably be the best option. Sure, you’ll need to have Drax negotiate, but you’ll get your money and get to explore a new area. If you sell Rocket, you’ll technically be able to explore everywhere, but there will be some fighting and it can be annoying to find everything you want.

The big difference between the two options isn’t the money or the squad (you’ll get Groot back, and Rocket never leaves). It’s two cosmetics in the castle. Drax’s Movie outfit and Rocket’s Horseman of the Apocalypse outfit are here. However, their place changes depending on who you sold.

  • Drax Movie Outfit
    • Sell Rocket: Follow the path around the rotating fan and advance forwards by jumping across some platforms.
    • Sold Groot: Sneak into the throne room, head behind the throne, and cross the room.
  • Rocket Five Horseman Outfit
    • Sell Rocket: In the sewers, there’s a junction. Head left (if your squad is going right) and follow the path.
    • Sold Groot: Launch yourself over the right bar table after the lift. You’ll see a table with boxes nearby. Go into a hole in the boxes for the outfit.

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