Guardians of the Galaxy | How to Unlock Outfits

The new Guardians of the Galaxy game is a veritable treat for fans of the comics. Aside from crafting its own unique adventure with the Guardians, it’s also littered with fan service. This is especially noticeable in the variety of outfits available. These cosmetic items alter each Guardian’s appearance. More often than not, they’re based on recognizable comic arcs or even their big-screen appearances. Join us as we break down how to get more outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy.

How to Unlock Outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy

How to Unlock Outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy

Put simply, you can unlock new outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy through careful exploration. You don’t unlock costumes through completing missions and chapters. Instead, you’ll need to find them hidden throughout various locations.

Yes, outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy are hard to come by. Each chapter generally contains one hidden crate which you can open to unlock a new outfit. These crates are purposefully hidden away from the beaten path. You might have to veer onto a separate pathway or partake in some environmental puzzle-solving to unlock hidden areas and find them.

Equally, the game doesn’t give you any clues as to where these chests are. They won’t show up on Star-Lord’s radar nor the objective pointer at the top of the HUD. As such, it’s down to your own ingenuity and willingness to explore the maps.

Once you’ve located the chest, it’s very easy to unlock the new costume. All you have to do is head over to it, hit the interact button, and it’ll be added to your inventory. Once there, you can instantly apply new costumes – though none of them offer new perks or abilities. Each character has a staggering amount of costumes to find. As such, you’ll want to scour each of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s chapters to find them all.