Guide Fall Announces Partnership with Quickscope News

As many of you know, our main focus here at Guide Fall is gaming guides  — and we are committed to continuing that. Unfortunately, our heavy focus on guides means we aren’t able to cover the latest gaming news in the way that we would like. So, to fix that, we’ve partnered with Quickscope News, which will deliver gaming news straight to your inbox daily or as often as you’d like for FREE.

Quickscope was started by a group of avid gamers who found themselves struggling to sift through the masses of untrustworthy and irrelevant gaming information. Their solution: develop a free daily gaming newsletter that curates the latest in industry-changing video game news, console and game releases, game reviews, and gaming technology — all from trusted and likable sources.

We connected over a mutual desire to help gamers spend less time scouring the internet to find the information they need. Just as we create comprehensive game guides in one place so gamers can spend more time playing and less time searching through multiple sources, Quickscope collects reliable, interesting content so you can stay informed via one daily update.

So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then join us in signing up for Quickscope News today!