Best Guilty Gear Strive Mods List

Guilty Gear Strive is already one of the most popular fighting games of 2021, and we’re here to show you its best mods and where to find them. Although the game’s visual appeal is outstanding, the only variation in its characters’ looks is with their color pallets. Thankfully, some mods bring new color schemes, others shake up the user interface, and there are even those that have different models and textures for the characters!

Guilty Gear Strive | Best Mods List

Guilty Gear Strive Best Mods

Guilty Gear Strive Mod Collection Pack 1

This is a fantastic mod. The Guilty Gear Strive mod collection pack 1 by Monkeygigabuster comes with Green Ranger Leo, Dog Faced Chipp, Ultraman Anji, and more. If you want something that considerably changes how the characters look in this game, this mod is a must-have.

The Combo Counter Stays the Same Size

One of the most criticized aspects of the Guilty Gear Strive UI design is the combo counter. Although some players like that it gets bigger with more hits, there are those who find it distracting and awful looking. Luckily, PC players who don’t like how the combo counter works can solve it with the Combo Counter Stays the Same Size mod by AzureTestament.

Remove Big Counter

Following the same logic of the previous mod, AzureTestament also made the Remove Big Counter mod. Some players find the giant Counter warning distracting, annoying, or just ugly. This mod should make the Counter Letters show up in a more discreet way when a counter-hit takes place, instead of taking over most of the screen.

GGST Color Unlocker

The GGST Color Unlocker by HAWGT mod lets you use colors 12 and SP. Not only that, it seems to works for online matches as well. So by using this mod, other players will see your blue neon shiny outfit.

Potato Low Spec Mod

Not every fighting game fan has a great computer. Those who have a low-end computer and want to try Guilty Gear Strive might do so with the Potato Low Spec Mod by fgcDraft. This is a mod that removes most of the assets in the stages, making it possible for the game to run on older or weaker machines.

Chipp | No Mask, No Rope

Guilty Gear Strive Best Mods

If you are one of those that do not like how Chipp covers his face in Guilty Gear Strive, this Chipp No Mask No Rope mod by tabsmvc3 is precisely what you were looking for. It makes Chipp look a little more like his older self. It also reveals the facial expressions that are often hidden by his collar.

Dante Palette for Ky

This mod is nothing but a palette swap. However, it is one that looks cool pretty cool. It makes Ky look a lot like Dante, the Legendary Demon Slayer. So if you like that character, make sure to check Dante Palette for Ky by nier.

Particle Editor

If you like Sol, but want make him edgy by changing the color of his fire, just use Particle Editor by Tekka. Once installed and opened, follow the instructions on the mod’s page to change the color of several different particles.

Thomas the Tank Engine

If you wanna have a laugh or make your friends laugh when you have them over for a session, Thomas the Tank Engine by UltIMa647 is a great mod. It replaces the Eagle that appears when the game is loading with Thomas The Tank Engine. It also changes the music to Thomas’s Theme.

BRIDGET themed May

Bridget isn’t in the game, but BRIDGET themed May by NanaGhost does what it can to pay homage to the missing character. This mod changes May’s colors and slightly changes how her clothes look, making her look a lot like Bridget.

Marvel Blade Outfit for Nagoriyuki

Guilty Gear Strive Best Mods 6

For Marvel fans who also are Nagoriyuki mains, this is certainly one of the best mods out there. It is also great for those who just want the big, bad vampire looking a bit different. Marvel Blade Outfit for Nagoriyuki by Monkeygigabuster brings a very different but very fitting look for this badass samurai. It is undoubtedly one of the best mods for Guilty Gear Strive.

I hope you found some good mods within our list! And for more on Guilty Gear, please check: