Gunfire Reborn Frames | How to Unlock

After playing through several runs in Gunfire Reborn, you might have noticed the different frames in the game. These are achievements that can be showcased to other players, but only if you’ve unlocked them during your gameplay. Since you’re stuck with the default one upon booting up the roguelike, you may begin to wonder how to acquire the remaining frames to add to your collection. Is it possible to possess all 11 frames in Gunfire Reborn? Let’s find out!

How to Unlock Frames in Gunfire Reborn

How to Unlock Frames in Gunfire Reborn

If you’re looking to acquire all 11 frames at this time, you’re probably out of luck. Each frame comes with a certain milestone that’s either achievable through the efforts of you, the other players, and/or the developers. To unlock a certain frame, adhere to their prerequisites in order to add the display to your collection. Some, however, are forever locked away.

Aside from the Default Frame that’s given to everyone, here are the other 10 displays, along with their respective methods of unlocking them:

  • Million Treasure – A special casing that celebrated the game’s 1 millionth sold copy.
  • Pioneer – Given to players who owned Gunfire Reborn during its 1 year anniversary in Early Access.
  • Energy Chain – Awarded after freezing the same elite enemy with Energy Orbs for over 10 successive seconds. Must be done during a solo run.
  • Full Force – Dual-wield for at least 300 seconds during a single use as Ao Bai.
  • Soaring Eagle – Obtain 3,000 stacks or more of the Easy Kill Ascension within a single run. Must be done with Qing Yan.
  • Thunderous Growl – Clear all four Acts using only Snipers and your Foundry while on nightmare difficulty or higher. Must be accomplished during a solo run.
  • Sword Dance – Summon 45 flying swords or more with Tao’s primary skill, Swords Out.
  • Blue Wave – Play as Qian Sui to use his Striking Punch skill on enemies to eventually reach a stack of at least 80.
  • Legend of Crimson Fox – Defeat any boss as Li using only her Spiritual Flame skill on nightmare difficulty or higher.
  • Soul Taker – Play as Xing Zhe to use his Soul Strike ability on 10 or more enemies in a single hit.

New Players are Out of Luck

From what we can see on this list, not every frame is obtainable to every player. If you’re one of the earliest supporters of the game, you likely have access to most of these. However, if you’re relatively new to Gunfire Reborn, chances are that some displays are permanently out of your reach. This goes for the first two frames, Million Treasure and Pioneer – both of which require players to be a part of the experience from essentially the beginning with Early Access.

Additionally, Li and Xing Zhe are locked behind DLC, ultimately blocking players who only own the base game until they go out of pocket for the extra content.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock the frames in Gunfire Reborn. For more guides on the vibrant FPS roguelike title, be sure to check out these tips: