Gunfire Reborn Gemini Inscriptions | How to Unlock

There’s no doubt that Gunfire Reborn comes with a wide variety of peculiar weapons for players to wield during their roguelike runs. We have living creatures that shoot fireballs, powerful swords, and gravity bomb launchers that we can use on our enemies. As we continue going through the four Acts, players will stumble upon the Peddler and the Craftsman, with the latter offering Gemini Inscriptions. However, the game says that we can’t reforge weapons with no Gemini Inscription when talking with the Craftsman. How do we unlock such a feature?

How to Unlock Gemini Inscriptions in Gunfire Reborn

How to Unlock Gemini Inscriptions in Gunfire Reborn

Gemini Inscription modifiers are available under the Weapon category in the Talent tree, and it costs 50 Soul Essence to unlock them. You also need to be at least level 30 to access the Talent. This will cause the Inscriptions in question to start appearing on some of the weapons you will find. To activate them, both of your equipped weapons (not counting the Foundry) must have the same descriptions under their image and stats.

Whenever you come across the Craftsman, make sure you have enough Copper in your pocket to potentially reforge the Gemini modifier. He charges only 300 Copper (or 100 if you’re playing through a Daily Challenge). The description will then change into another Gemini Inscription thanks to the enhancement. Keep in mind that this is done randomly, so prepare yourself for a tiny gamble.

If both weapons don’t have the same Gemini Inscriptions, the effect won’t activate. You can still visit the Craftsman to reforge the Gemini qualities, but these unique modifiers won’t work as one would expect, given what the name suggests. You need one weapon to complement the other in order to trigger the effects.

There are four types of Inscriptions in Gunfire Reborn: Normal, Rare, Exclusive, and Gemini. You can find these right beneath the weapon’s description of what firepower it possesses. Normal Inscriptions are highlighted in green, Rare is in blue, Exclusive is solely for orange, and Gemini can come in different colors. It also distinguishes itself by including a parenthesis in its name to make it stand out.

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