Gunfire Reborn Heal | How to Recover Health

Being forced to restart Gunfire Reborn due to enemy interference can be a pain in the neck. You spend your time and bullets running from room to room, collecting items and conquering stages, only to be killed. It can be a bit discouraging if you’re pouring hours into the game. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to heal yourself if you wish to evade death in Gunfire Reborn.

How to Heal in Gunfire Reborn

How to Heal in Gunfire Reborn

While health items aren’t abundant, purchasing a Bun from a Peddler is a quick way to recover health. It only restores 30% of your health, so don’t expect a big increase when consuming it. Enemies, barrels, boxes, and vases have a chance of dropping Buns, but it’s a low dependency to rely on. Still, you can shoot at these to see if either a Bun or some ammo will come from it.

Of course, eating Buns isn’t the only way to gain back some health. There are several Occult Scrolls that provide boosts for your maximum health. You have a few ways of obtaining the Occult Scrolls: the aforementioned Peddler sells them, trading health with a Peculiar Chest, finishing a Vault then opening its rewarding chest, and slaying elite enemies and bosses.

Occult Scrolls to Restore Health

Here’s a quick look at the Occult Scrolls that can heal you:

  • Airbag fully restores your health upon total depletion of your shields.
  • Elemental Bestowment recovers 1% of maximum health whenever you deliver elemental damage. Up to once per second.
  • Flesh and Bones give back 4% of your maximum health for each passing second.
  • Fountain of Life essentially restores 1 health whenever you collect Copper or ammo during your gameplay.
  • Generosity boosts the Bun percentage intake from 30% to 50%. Your teammates will also receive 25% of their health upon chowing down the food.
  • Gourmet ditches the Bun’s limited 30% in favor of administering a 100% health recovery.
  • Lifesaver gives you a second chance at the action if you end up dying, with 50% of your health returning after coming back from the dead.
  • Shrine of Recovery refills your health after each stage.
  • Triple Comeback works as the big brother to Lifesaver. Instead of having one extra chance at life, you’ll now have two, with health being restored to full capacity. However, your maximum health and shields will be slashed in half until you ultimately restart the roguelike process.

Keep in mind that acquiring Occult Scrolls happens on a randomized basis. In other words, you may not find your desired Scrolls when running through the four Acts. Regardless, be sure to pick them up whenever you come across them, for their passive effects can be highly beneficial for you and your teammates.