Gunfire Reborn | How to Recycle Weapons

The weapons and scrolls that you carry with you in Gunfire Reborn can come with a variety of advantages. Some provide combative perks and boosts that can help get your character from one room to the next with ease. Some may grant you special bonuses that make your enemies look like a cheap effort for hunting. However, you might be stuck with certain items that you’ll want to get rid of. Swapping out different firearms and Occult Scrolls from the Vaults is already a given mechanic from earlier runs, but what if you got some Copper in exchange for it? More so, how about the option to recycle your weapons and scrolls whenever you need some extra Copper?

How to Recycle Weapons in Gunfire Reborn

How to Recycle Weapons in Gunfire Reborn

To recycle weapons in Gunfire Reborn, you need to unlock the Golden Touch ability from the Talent tree for 360 Soul Essence after reaching level 90. It’s under the purple Expedition column, acting as one of the last two Talents you’ll unlock in that particular section. PC players need to hold down the ‘Z’ key to recycle weapons, while controller users will refer to the ‘Y’ button whenever they approach an item. A Copper coin will circle around it, prompting its potential trade.

There are two levels to the Golden Touch. Level 1 allows you to only recycle weapons at 10% of the selling price. Level 2 permits the recycling of both weapons and scrolls at 20% of the selling price instead of 10%. While the first level goes for 360 Soul Essence, level 2 is marked at 400.

Evidently, unlocking Golden Touch is going to be quite the grind. Since you have to be at least level 90 to get it, you’re bound to play Gunfire Reborn for a while until you reach the final Talent abilities. Plus, you need to assemble as much Soul Essence as you can as you continually fill out the Talent categories. Since you have to attend to the Expedition, Battle, Skill, and Survival categories, achieving the final row of abilities will take some time.

When it comes to recycling items, you essentially don’t have any hurdles as to what you can discard in terms. If you run into any weapons you’ll eventually neglect, you can instead recycle them for Copper and then be on your way with the current run. It’s a wonderful feature that can help you out if you run into the Craftsman and the Peddler.

Gunfire Reborn PC Recycle Weapon

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