Gunfire Reborn | How to Unlock Characters

After several runs in Gunfire Reborn, switching over to another character will eventually come into play. The game features eight different heroes, with the Crown Prince acting as our first character to control upon booting up the roguelike title. We stick with him for a while before we have enough Talent and Soul Essence to unlock a secondary hero. However, how do we unlock all remaining seven heroes if each requires a different approach in terms of acquiring them? Here’s how you can unlock all characters for Gunfire Reborn.

How to Unlock Characters in Gunfire Reborn

How to Unlock Characters in Gunfire Reborn

Players will need to either reach a certain Talent level, spend Soul Essence, or purchase DLC if they wish to unlock all characters. This includes Ao Bai, Qing Yan, Lei Luo, Tao, Qian Sui, Xing Zhe, and Li (with the obvious exception of the Crown Prince), all with different stats regarding health, shields, and abilities. They each have their own specific requirement, and you’ll most likely obtain these characters in a different order.

Ao Bai, Qing Yan, and Lei Luo all need you to reach certain Talent levels. Ao Bai can join your ranks at level 25, Qing Yan requires a Talent level of 40, and Lei Luo is unlockable by reaching Talent level 55. Be sure to keep filling in your Talent slots from the tree to obtain these heroes.

Tao and Qian Sui will both require some Soul Essence to be spent for them. Tao goes for 400 Soul Essence while Qian Sui costs 600 Soul Essence. Depending on how much you’ve contributed to the Talent tree, these two characters might arrive in your lineup later on since they solely require Soul Essence.

However, the remaining two characters might not be on your radar if you’re sticking to the base game. Indeed, Xing Zhe and Li are only unlockable through the Visitors of Spirit Realm DLC. By purchasing the additional content, Xing Zhe and Li will be available to you without any further steps.

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