Gunfire Reborn Level Cap | What Is Max Level?

Grinding through all of Gunfire Reborn’s zones is an ever-changing experience due to the procedurally generated levels. Even if you return to a previously played level, you’re in for a completely different adventure. This can make grinding your hero’s progression and leveling up their skill tree an endlessly enjoyable experience. That grind, however, must eventually come to an end. That’s why many players are curious as to what the max level in Gunfire Reborn is. We have the answer to that question right below.

What Is the Max Level Cap in Gunfire Reborn?

What Is the Max Level Cap in Gunfire Reborn?

The max level you can reach in Gunfire Reborn is 178. In-game, your level is equal to the number of talents your characters have. Currently, there are six categories for talents: Expedition, Battle, Skill, Survival, Weapon, and Hero. The first five talents are shared across all five heroes, while the sixth category contains talents specific to the hero you’re playing. The “hero” talents may be customized to each hero, but the maximum level remains 178 regardless of which one you’re playing.

To max out all five talent trees, as well as your character’s “hero” tree, you must essentially max out all five talent trees. Each talent in these skill trees grants you a different number of levels, ranging from one to a maximum of five. For example, a 1/1 talent will grant you one level. A 2/5 talent will grant you two levels, followed by three more once you’ve maxed it out. All of your talents and their levels, add up to equal your character’s level.

The Soul Essence you get after killing enemies can be used to level up and purchase new talents. In total, you’ll need a grand sum of at least 22,470 Soul Essence to max out all five talent trees, as well as your “Hero” talent tree. In other words, you’ll have to do a lot of grinding to reach the max level in Gunfire Reborn. That’s why it’s a good thing the game has procedurally generated levels, as this grind is a consistently new and exciting experience.