Hades A Place of Revelry Prophecy | How to Complete

Hades offers a lot of optional content to complete, including an entire slew of side activities known collectively as The Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Many of these tasks are quite simple – speak to certain NPCs, slay a boss using a specific item, things like that. However, there are a few prophecies that are a bit more complicated, with perhaps the most infamous one being A Place of Revelry.

Hades A Place of Revelry Prophecy

This prophecy is still causing a lot of confusion among Hades players. The primary frustration comes from not knowing how to keep progressing through the prophecy. But don’t worry, because you can avoid giving yourself a headache by simply reading this guide.

How to Complete A Place of Revelry Prophecy in Hades

The prophecy’s description states that Zagreus must “aid a tireless gorgon” in bringing “part of the House to the height of splendor.” The tireless gorgon is of course Dusa, the floating head who works in the House of Hades as a maid. In order to complete A Place of Revelry, you’ll need to help Dusa finish Lounge renovations through the House Contractor.

How to Complete A Place of Revelry Prophecy in Hades

Before you get started on the renovations themselves, you’ll first need to unlock Dusa’s favor by raising her affinity. You can do so by giving her six Nectar. Once her favor has been unlocked, you’ll then need to complete a total of 12 Lounge renovations. When buying items for the Lounge, buy at least one rug as well as the Deep Cleaning and Detailing services. Those last two will allow you to remove the fur and scratch marks left by Cerberus.

With the basic requirements out of the way, return and speak with Dusa to complete A Place of Revelry prophecy along with her favor. However, just like so many other things in Hades, there’s is a small catch. A specific conversation needs to be triggered before the prophecy can be fulfilled, and there’s no way to force it.

You really only have one option at this point. You’ll simply need to go check back from time to time to see if the conversation popped. You can die over and over to speed up the process if you want. Just don’t forget to return to Dusa after each death.

A Just Reward

After you complete A Place of Revelry, you will be rewarded with four Diamonds to spend on whatever you like. As an added bonus, the Nectar requirement will also unlock the ability to give Dusa Ambrosia, should you wish to romance her. Zagreus needs to give Dusa no less than 10 Ambrosia bottles to complete the romance. This is a lot more than other romance options, but Dusa is nice enough to offer it all back afterward, if Zagreus chooses.

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