Hades Erebus Gates | How to Open

The world of Hades is massive and filled to the brim with different objectives to conquer. Once you are able to start bringing down your father consistently, you are far from finished with the game! You’re going to need every tool that you have to continuously escape from hell. Thankfully, Hades gives you the Erebus Gates (or Infernal Gates) to work with. But, how do you open these gates? And where do they even come from in the first place?

How to Open Erebus Gates in Hades

Hades Erebus Gates

Erebus gates, or infernal gates, are opened when you reach certain heat thresholds in Hades. The gates unlock after you are first able to escape from Hades, and are purchasable from the House Contractor for five Diamonds. Afterwards, one gateway will open in each of the floors of Hades: Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium have one that you may encounter during the run. To unlock the games in each area, you must have five heat from the Pact of Punishment for Tartarus, ten heat for Asphodel, and 15 heat for Elysium.

Heat is essential for getting rewards during higher level runs. Choose your heat options carefully so that you can maximize rewards and minimize risk!

The Erebus Gateways are small encounters with a large amount of enemies, often from more difficult areas of the game. The goal of the encounter is to defeat all of the enemies without taking a single hit. Succeed, and you’ll be rewarded with a mini-boss level item.

Empowered rewards are as follows:

  • A God Boon with a dramatic boost in rarity.
  • 200 Obols, double the amount for a normal room.
  • A Pomegranate that provides two levels instead of one.
  • A 50 Health Centaur Heart.

Getting these rooms will be critical if you want to make the best build possible. Higher rarity means greater percentages, flat damage numbers, and more for Zagreus! It’ll also boost your chance of getting legendary boons, which are run-changing perks that really give you an edge.

If you fail the Erebus room, you still get a reward… technically, anyway. Failure awards an onion, which heals you for one health, and a chortling father. And these rooms can be hard! Enter only if you really want the reward, and make sure you bring your A-game.