Hades Mirror of Night | Best Upgrades

Hades Mirror of Night Upgrades

In Hades, the Mirror of the Night is an upgrade system that can be purchased with your hard-earned Darkness. There are a handful of different perks that you can upgrade to in this track, making it hard to know where to spend your Darkness. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best upgrades that you can get from the Mirror of Night list.

Best Upgrades for Mirror of Night

Before we tell you the best upgrades, it’s worth noting that some of the Mirror of the Night upgrades are unavailable at first, as they will need to be unlocked with a Chthonic Key that is found throughout the Underworld. Every ability from the Mirror of Night has two versions, with only one of them being active at a time. These can also be separately upgraded, allowing you to switch between the abilities.

So, with that out of the way, here are our picks for the best upgrades for the Mirror of Night perk path in Hades.

Death Defiance

Death Defiance allows players to restore 50% of their health one time after the player loses all of their HP (Life Total). If you decide to upgrade this perk in the Mirror of Night, you can get up to three Death Defiances for each room you enter in the Underworld.

This allows you to have a longer life expectancy, as you’re able to withstand a lot more damage from enemies before you can actually die. Each of the Death Defiance’s upgrades costs 30, 500, and 1,000 Darkness.

Chthonic Vitality

Chthonic Vitality gives players the ability to gain one Life Total with every new room Zagreus enters, with the ability of Chthonic Vitality to go up to three Life Total’s if chosen to be upgraded in the Mirror of Night. This gives players a chance to recuperate from the previous room’s assault, increasing Zagreus’ survival rate by increasing the amount of more damage he can take.

The Chthonic Vitality cost players a total of 70 Darkness all together, with the first upgrade costing ten and the last costing only 40.

Ruthless Reflex

Ruthless Reflex rewards players who are alert and quick. It gives them 50% more damage and a dodge chance for two seconds every time they dash out of the way of an enemy’s attacks. This allows its users to deal more powerful blows, as well as avoid them. The Ruthless Reflex costs 75 Darkness.

Thick Skin

The Thick Skin upgrade within Mirror of Night gives Zagreus an additional five Life Total’s. This can be upgraded an impressive ten times, giving Zagreus a total of 50 additional Life Totals with each upgrade, costing 625 Darkness all together. Just like Death Defiance and Chthonic Vitality, this is a health upgrade that allows the player to take more health before dying.

Shadow Presence

Shadow Presence gives the players an extra 10% damage when attacking enemies from behind. The Shadow Presence can be upgraded five times with players able to do 50% more damage to their enemies when attacking from behind, only costing 100 Darkness in total.

Privileged Status

Privileged Status gives Zagreus an extra 20% damage when he is facing enemies who have been hit with at least two status effects. This will make much easier playthroughs and will result in weaker enemies who are under its influence. It can be upgraded twice, going up to 40% when up against the enemies two different ‘Status Curses.’

Enemies who are under Status Curses’ should have an icon next to their name when fighting them.

These are just some of the upgrades within the Mirror of Night path that can help you improve your Hades playthroughs. There are even more of the upgrades in this path that you can access in the game, so if these don’t work out then there are plenty of other options you can go with.

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