Hades Titan Blood | How to Use

Titan Blood

Hades has recently leapt out of early access on Steam and has also recently released on the Nintendo Switch. This action-oriented rogue-like is full of sarcastic one-liners, fast brawling, and currencies… lots and lots of currencies. Zagreus gets Titan Blood – one of them – after destroying a specific boss or completing a task. So, what can you use them for? Find out through our guide!

What is Titan Blood Used for in Hades?

In Hades, Zagreus uses Titan Blood for upgrading his Infernal Arms once he has all 6 weapons. Each weapon upgrade requires a bit of it; five for any Aspect, 15 for the second, 16 for the third, and 15 for the hidden one. If you want to completely upgrade a weapon type, that costs 51 Blood.

In total, if you want to upgrade all of Zagreus’s six weapons, it will cost 306 of the rare resource. That sounds like a lot… because it is!

There is actually not enough Titan Blood in the game to fully upgrade everything right now. You get 29 Blood from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, and 252 Blood from completing runs. Because of that, you’ll need to trade for some Blood to get the extra 25.

Unfortunately, trading for Titan Blood is expensive. You can trade one Ambrosia, two Diamonds, 20 Nectars, 100 Keys, or 1000 Gemstones. So, you’ll want to wait for rotating trades, which will offer Titan Blood at a much, much lower cost.

All that said, you won’t need to do so if you have a weapon you despise. You only will need to do this if you’re trying to upgrade all of them. And some of the weapons might not fit every playstyle. So you may want to find one of the best weapons in the game and save up for that before you go spending your Titan Blood willy nilly!

Hades is the newly released roguelike that’s gotten nothing but wide praise for it’s writing and mechanics. So, check it out on Steam or Switch!

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