How To Use and Get More Titan Blood in Hades

Hades, the action-oriented roguelike from Supergiant Games, is full of sarcastic one-liners, fast brawling, and currencies to collect. In fact, most of your progress through the Underworld is based entirely on how many currencies you can amass. And among those many currencies, the most important for combat progression is Titan Blood.

How To Use and Get More Titan Blood in Hades
Lord Hades himself implores you.

These collectible splashes of crimson are primarily used to upgrade your weapons. However, the manner with which you find and use this currency isn’t exactly straightforward. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on everything you need to know about Titan Blood in Hades. Keep reading to learn how to use it, how to get more of it, and the many different ways in which it can be spent.

How To Use Titan Blood in Hades

In Hades, Titan Blood is used to upgrade your Infernal Arms. Specifically, it’s used to unlock different Weapon Aspects for those Infernal Arms. Choosing a different Aspect will imbue the weapon with different abilities, marking a dramatic shift in how it can be used in battle.

All weapons have four different Aspects: The default Zagreus Aspect, two unlockable Aspects, and one Hidden Aspect. All four of these must be purchased using various amounts of Titan Blood: five for the first, 15 for the second, 16 for the third, and 15 for the hidden Aspect. Unlocking every Aspect available is going to be costly, so you’ll want to stockpile this resource whenever you can.

Hades Weapon Aspects for Aegis Shield
Weapon Aspects and their costs are listed along the right side of the weapon menu.

To use Titan Blood to upgrade your Infernal Arms, you first need to open the weapon’s Aspect menu. Leave Zagreus’ room, then approach the weapon you want to upgrade. You’ll see a list of the different Aspects as well as how much you must spend in order to purchase the upgrade. Highlight the cross-shaped icon, then select it to spend the Titan Blood and unlock the Weapon Aspect.

Purchase Upgrades at the Resource Director

After you reach far enough into Hades, you’ll eventually be able to speak with the Resource Director, located in Lord Hades’ bedroom. This shade is willing to bestow different Ranks upon Zagreus, dependent on how many resources you’re willing to throw his way.

Hades Resource Director
Weapon Aspects aside, the Resource Director is one of the only other uses for Titan Blood.

Spending materials to increase your Rank will change the displayed Rank Badge in the lower-left of the screen. But in order climb those ranks, you’ll need to hand over set amounts of Darkness as well as artifacts including Chthonic Keys, Diamonds, and of course, Titan Blood.

These changes are purely cosmetic, meaning you’re much better off unlocking all weapon aspects first. Still, once that’s all out of the way, you can start ranking up from Alpha Warden of the Underworld all the way to Unseen One. Each rank includes an increasingly ornate embellishment, including the rank’s title, around Zagreus’ health bar.

How To Get More Titan Blood

Titan Blood is not found as a regular room reward throughout the Underworld in Hades. Instead, it’s only ever offered at set times, or in chance conditions.

Expert Tip: Titan Blood is critical to early progression in Hades. To learn more about important early-game resources, stop by our Hades Beginner’s Guide.

Namely, you’ll earn one in exchange for defeating two specific Underworld bosses: The first boss, which is always one or more of the Furies, and then another for when you beat Hades himself. You’ll earn one for beating them during normal runs as well as via bounties through rising Heat runs.

Titan Blood is also available through Fated List of Minor Prophecy rewards, it can be pulled out of water with the Rod of Fishing, and it’s sometimes available at Charon’s Shop in the Temple of Styx.

Hades - Charon's Shop
Save your Obols for the chance to purchase Titan Blood from Charon’s Shop before the final boss battle.

Finally, as with Nectar and Ambrosia, you can sometimes trade various materials for Titan Blood at the Wretched Broker. The trade values are random, and it’s not guaranteed to appear. Sometimes it’s even listed as the trade cost. Definitely don’t take deals like that.

Frankly, the Wretched Broker not the best way to stock up on anything, especially early on. That’s because the material costs usually far exceed what beginners will have on-hand. However, it’s an expected way to earn Titan Blood late-game, as you’ll only ever earn a fixed amount through regular gameplay. Past that, you’re going to be forced to trade other currencies and Artifacts to get more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Titan Blood In Limited Supply In Hades?

While the amount of Titan Blood you can earn from boss battles and bounties is limited, you can trade for an unlimited amount at the Wretched Broker.

What Should I Spend Titan Blood On First?

Use it to unlock weapon aspects for your favorite Infernal Arms. The default Zagreus aspect is generally the weakest form of any given weapon.

How Much Titan Blood Does It Take To Max Out All Weapons?

It costs 306 Titan Blood to purchase all four weapon aspects for all six Infernal Arms. Another 20 are used for Resource Director ranks as well as the Stygian Theme, meaning you’ll need 326 in total. Since only 295 are available through bosses and bounties, you’ll need to buy or trade for the rest.

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