Halo Infinite Arcade Machine Location | Where to Find the Easter Egg

Halo Infinite is one of the newest open-world games available. The campaign has taken an astounding turn from what it’s been historically. Now, there’s a whole world to explore on the Ring! This is awesome, but it also allows for a ton of hidden loot to be scattered across the open world. One thing that isn’t quite loot but is still great is the Halo Infinite arcade machine. This little Easter egg is found in a specific corner of the map. If you want to see it for yourself – without a picture spoiling it for you – we can guide you right there.

Halo Infinite Arcade Machine Easter Egg Location

Halo Infinite Arcade Machine Location

In order to find the Halo Infinite arcade machine Easter Egg, you must go to Outpost Tremonius. When outside of the building, face south and move along the left side between the Outpost and the cliffs. As you move along the left side, you should see a blue forerunner door. Go through that and you’ll find the old-fashioned Arcade Cabinet.

The cabinet doesn’t have a lot to do with the game, nor is there much to do with it. You don’t get any minigames to play or even any real references. It’s just a machine with Halo Infinite on it. All that really changes is that you’ll hear a retro remix of the original Halo track. On the bright side, you’ll find a Heatwave nearby, so your journey doesn’t have zero mechanical benefit!

Thankfully, this is fairly easy to find as long as you follow the wall. If you can’t see the crack in the cliff face that leads you to the Easter egg, you’re probably on the wrong side of the building. Grapple to the other side and check around there. While the divide isn’t the easiest thing to see, it should be quite clear where you can walk in from.

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