Halo Infinite Armor Unlocks | How to Open Lockers

Halo Infinite is finally here, and we have a huge world to explore. The Banished forces will be giving Master Chief a hard time, but there are also special rewards he can pick up along the way. Aside from all of the collectibles, the inclusion of armor lockers in the campaign has some fanatics wondering what they do exactly. And while we’re just getting started with the story, we already know how the new armor unlocks operate.

How Do Armor Unlocks Work in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite How Do Armor Unlocks Work

The Mjolnir Armor unlocks basically provide the player with extra cosmetics to use in multiplayer. Throughout the expansive open-world of Halo Infinite, players will come across these big olive-green UNSC lockers containing 1 of 34 potential unlocks. Whenever you see one, all you need to do is simply approach and interact with it to unlock the Mjolnir armor locker.

To find them, you’ll need to work your way through the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). The Banished have overtaken these outposts, with forces patrolling about the place. Eliminate these enemies to eventually reclaim the outpost for the UNSC to secure and control. Coupled with the fact that more Banished have vanished, the newly-acquired FOB will provide you with a few bonuses: a travel point, vehicle spawning, collectible locations, and Marines that will follow your lead into the next battle.

List of Armor Unlocks

The armor lockers will unlock coatings for armor, weapons, and vehicles. Additionally, players will be able to scoop up emblems and weapon charms when going through these lockers. Here is a list of the unlocks that you will see, with a worthwhile reward for your hard work at the end as well:

  1. Banished Deception – Armor Coating
  2. Dogfight Makovich – Armor Coating
  3. Scorpion Horvath – Armor Coating
  4. Wild Kovan – Armor Coating
  5. Blood Shadow – Armor Coating
  6. Midnight Griffin – Armor Coating
  7. Shadow Sorel – Armor Coating
  8. Crimson Vettel – Armor Coating
  9. Obelisk Stone – Armor Coating
  10. Warmaster’s Prize – Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
  11. Warmaster’s Prize – Weapon Coating (BR75 Battle Rifle)
  12. Warmaster’s Prize – Weapon Coating (VK78 Commando)
  13. Warmaster’s Prize – Weapon Coating (M41 SPNKr)
  14. Warmaster’s Prize – Weapon Coating (CQS48 Bulldog)
  15. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M12 Warthog)
  16. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M12R Rocket Hog)
  17. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M808 Scorpion)
  18. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M290 Mongoose)
  19. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M290-M Gungoose)
  20. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M290-M Gungoose)
  21. Banished Deception – Vehicle Coating (M15 Razorback)
  22. Dogfight Makovich – Vehicle Coating (AV-49 Wasp)
  23. Infinity – Spartan Emblem
  24. Banished – Spartan Emblem
  25. Griffin – Spartan Emblem
  26. Windfall – Spartan Emblem
  27. Infinity – Armor Emblem
  28. Banished – Armor Emblem
  29. Griffin – Armor Emblem
  30. Windfall – Armor Emblem
  31. Banished – Weapon Emblem
  32. Griffin – Weapon Emblem
  33. Banished – Weapon Charm
  34. Dogtags – Weapon Charm
  35. Olympic – Stance

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