Halo Infinite Blood Shadow | How to Unlock Armor Coating

The Halo Infinite campaign comes packed with secrets and collectibles for players to find and explore. One such item is the highly-desired Blood Shadow Armor Coating, a legendary unlockable. This spicy piece of armor showcases the crimson warfare that a Spartan endures, and it’s just really cool to look at as well. Luckily for those who are searching for it, you won’t have to venture far to obtain the armor coating. Here’s how you can unlock the Blood Shadow Armor Coating for Halo Infinite.

How to Unlock Blood Shadow Armor Coating

Halo Infinite How to Unlock Blood Shadow Armor Coating

The Blood Shadow Armor Coating is locked away in a Mjolnir Armor chest near the Thunder Squad distress call by the side of a mountain. Specifically, it’ll be south of Thunder Squad and west of Foxhound Squad. There’s no close FOB that can be used for locational reference, but the armor coating is somewhat in-between the Brave and Delta bases. You might find some lingering grunts close by, but those guys should be easy to deal with.

Once you acquire the Blood Shadow Armor Coating, you can then proceed to equip it by going to the main menu to Customize. It’ll be in the Armor Coating section with a Legendary orange-yellow hue highlighting its red and black design. There’s not much to the lore, only: “There are many lessons in life to be learned from observing the ‘sKelln hunt their prey in the mountains of Sanghelios.” It’s a pretty fine piece of armor coating to own, so be sure to check it out once you have it in your inventory.

Keep in mind that capturing FOBs should be on your agenda if you’re exploring Zeta Halo. Not only do they provide additional support on the battlefield, but they also reveal missions and collectibles within their proximity. These include the Mjolnir Armor chests, Spartan Cores, distress calls, and possibly more if you’re curious to peek around. What’s especially great about capturing FOBs is that they will also tell you what’s inside each Mjolnir Armor chest. You can read more details about which item you’ll obtain by simply hovering over the location on your map.

The Blood Shadow Armor Coating is one of many items you can find in the game’s campaign. Just remember to bring some extra ammo with you in case you see some banshees flying overhead.