Halo Infinite Commando Rifle Location | How to Complete Challenge

There are a ton of weapons in Halo Infinite. Arguably too many! The number of guns and weapons that you can gather out in the field is just crazy. And since the game asks for you to use specific weapons for some rewards, this can be a head-scratching affair. What even is the Commando Rifle? And, once you have it, what is the most efficient way to complete its challenge in Halo Infinite? Hopefully, we can settle some of your questions right here.

How to Complete the Commando Rifle Challenge in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Commando Rifle

The VK47 Commando Rifle is a firearm that can be found on most maps on platforms with a height advantage over the combat. In appearance, you’ll be looking for a rifle with a white stripe down the barrel and a basic scope. This can be found in basic armory containers or on weapon pads.

In order to complete the challenge, get the rifle and then scope in on players fighting near the middle of the map.

Thankfully, the Commando Rifle is among the more common weapons in the game, and can be found on many maps. It is also a fairly efficient weapon, able to kill someone in a couple of shots if you get them in the head.

The rifle suffers a bit from poor damage and mediocre rate of fire, however. Because of this, its suggested that you blindside someone rather than try and engage in a fair fight. The gun is also bad in close-range, so get the height advantage and work from there.

However, recently there has been a bug where the Commando Rifle has not been correctly rewarding kills for the player. If you notice that the Commando challenge is not ticking up, you should reset your game client before continuing.

Halo Infinite continues to impress people with a multiplayer that wows on all fronts. Hopefully, the campaign can be just as jaw-dropping! If you’re interested in jumping in a suit of spartan armor yourself, we can help you get comfy!