Halo Infinite Controller or Keyboard | Which Is Better?

As you sit down to enjoy the Halo Infinite beta, you’ll find yourself battling with a question all players must consider; should I play Infinite on a controller or keyboard? On Xbox, this isn’t much of a question to ask. But, PC players should at least consider which control style strikes their fancy. If you’re on the middle ground and are wondering what you should start with, we have some advice for you.

Is a Controller or Keyboard Better in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Controller or Keyboard

If you’re new to PC, we recommend that you start playing with a controller first, especially if you’re moving over from a console. Most players that have played Halo on consoles in the past report that the controller feels perfect for them.

If not, then a keyboard – with more accurate, mouse-pointed aiming at the cost of more fluid mobility – might be right for you.

First of all, there is no obvious answer to the battle of controller or keyboard. Players have been top-fragging with both control methods. If you are using a controller, make sure to fiddle with your control options in the settings. Halo Infinite is very slightly different than older Halo titles, so make sure the controls make sense to you before getting into your first match.

If you haven’t played Halo in the past but still want to use a controller, feel free! Infinite has pretty solid aim assist, and moving around a battlefield feels fantastic.

That being said, keyboards are still probably a touch better for flick-shots and perfecting aim. This works well for both mid and long-range fights when clicking on heads is important, and in melee duels where spinning quickly is key. Aim assist helps dramatically for controller players, but you can only boost your aim stick sensitivity so much before the assist no longer works for you.

It’s a lame answer, but you should really sit down and play a match or two with both options. Controller players from previous Halo entries are doing great with a controller, but you can’t go wrong with a good keyboard and mouse for precise shooting.

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