Halo Infinite Dynamic Background | How to Get

Halo Infinite will be launching onto Xbox and PC this December, and players can start celebrating early. With the technological advancements of the Xbox Series X|S, players can do more than just watch and game. Xbox players can actually change their background into a dynamic theme. One of these themes includes a fresh one of Master Chief for the upcoming Halo Infinite installment. We’ll show you how you can change it from your current dynamic background to the Halo Infinite one.

How to Get the Halo Infinite Dynamic Background

Halo Infinite How to Get Dynamic Background for Xbox

The Halo Infinite dynamic background can be found with your other dynamic themes. To use it, hit your Xbox button and head over to Settings. In the General tab, select Personalization, which will take you to another sub-menu where you can customize the guide, your profile, color & theme, the home Xbox, and your background. Evidently, select My Background, and scroll down to down to Dynamic Backgrounds. Here, you will see 12 special dynamic backgrounds. Scroll all the way to the right until you reach the last one – the Master Chief.

Master Chief doesn’t move in the background, by the way. This also applies to every structure you see on the cover. The main aspects that are moving seem to be the floating Pelican and streaks of blue lighting being shot into the sky. There’s also some tweaking to the lighting that can be briefly seen as well. It’s essentially the Halo Infinite cover with little alterations to make it breathe – to make it dynamic, in other words.

If the Halo Infinite background isn’t a fit for you, you can always select a different dynamic theme or overall console background to switch it up. It’ll be under the My Background setting menu, where you’ll be able to choose from a few options on how to customize your background. These include Achievement Art, a custom image, screenshots, etc.

The Halo Infinite background is free. The same applies to the 11 other dynamic backgrounds, all of which have been added during the Xbox Series X|S’s lifetime; the Master Chief is only the most recent addition, so we should expect to see more in the near future. Imagine a Psychonauts dynamic background…now that would be trippy.