Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifacts | All Locations

Halo Infinite comes with a wide array of collectibles and secrets for players to dive into. On Zeta Halo, the discoveries can almost look endless; the open-world structure gives veterans and newcomers a new world to explore. Through their journeys, the players might come across ancient Forerunner Artifacts on the ring. As soon as you collect your first one, you’ll learn more about the ring and the Forerunners. So, where exactly are these artifacts? We’ve marked down all seven locations for you in this guide that will help you discover and scan the secrets behind these Forerunner Artifacts.

All Forerunner Artifact Locations in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite All Forerunner Artifact Locationss

The Forerunner Artifacts can be distinguished by their ancient presentation of an intact stone ring with a blue hue within it. There are only seven on Zeta Halo, and you can discover them in order by their designated numbers. As you progress through the campaign, you’re bound to stumble upon one of these. They can also be found near FOB locations as well, so use your map as much as you can. We’ve taken pictures of the seven locations with map coordinates to help you out in your journey. Also, keep in mind that enemy forces will be near the stone rings, so be ready to fight when trouble calls.

It’s also intriguing to scan all of these artifacts if you’re looking to learn more about Zeta Halo, the Forerunners, and Despondent Pyre. If you’re playing Halo Infinite for the campaign, you’ll definitely want to check these out and the audio logs that come with them. It also gives you more time to wrestle with the Banished while looking for other collectibles in the world.

Forerunner Artifact 1

Forerunner Artifact 1 map

The first artifact is right next to the Harpoon Squad side mission and north of FOB Delta. It’s also east of FOB Charlie. But you can use the Harpoon Squad distress smoke to locate the stone ring. Once you find it, you can then scan it for the first of Despondent Pyre’s audio logs.

Forerunner Artifact 2

Forerunner Artifact 2 map

For the second artifact, look for Outpost Tremonius. There you’ll find a small lake that also contains a Mjolnir Armory for you to grab. The stone ring will be right next to the lake.

Forerunner Artifact 3

Forerunner Artifact 3 map

Forerunner Artifact 3 is located right by the Ransom Keep activity. It will also be southwest of FOB Golf and south of FOB Foxtrot. Enemy forces seem pretty tame in this area, so you can walk in quietly if you choose.

Forerunner Artifact 4

Forerunner Artifact 4 map

The fourth artifact is northeast of FOB Golf and right by the Cayman Squad distress call. It might require some climbing — or even flying — on your part. This stone ring is on top of a tall mountain, and walking about the premises won’t get you very far. Simply reach the top by grappling or flying, and you’ll soon spot the stone ring.

Forerunner Artifact 5

Forerunner Artifact 5 map

Our fifth stone ring is just east of FOB Juliet and north of the Riven Gate. Look for some abandoned enemy equipment and cargo; the artifact will be among them.

Forerunner Artifact 6

Forerunner Artifact 6 map location

You can locate the sixth artifact northwest of FOB Hotel along a river with a cliff at the end of it. The stone ring will be right next to the cliff, which is running water into the void of space at the end of the river.

Forerunner Artifact 7

Forerunner Artifact 7 map location

For the final stone ring, make your way to FOB November. It’ll be part of the southernmost section of the map. Head north to find the stone ring near a cliff. You can scan the artifact to complete your quest of finding all seven Forerunner Artifacts. Additionally, you’ll receive the “Haruspis” achievement for your efforts.

We hope these map screenshots are sufficient for your mission to find all seven artifacts on Zeta Halo. As with a lot of the traversal moments in the game, always be ready for a fight. You never know who can be snooping or sleeping near an interesting structure.

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