Halo Infinite | How to Drop Weapons

When the going gets tough and supplies are running low in Halo Infinite, dropping a weapon for your teammate might be a smart move to keep in mind. The newest installment in the series introduces a new feature that allows players to drop weapons without swapping them out with something else nearby. Instead of simply switching between your two equipped guns, you can just drop them with a push of a button. We’ll show you exactly how you can do so in this brief guide.

How to Drop Weapons in Halo Infinite

How to Drop Weapons in Halo Infinite

To drop weapons in Halo Infinite, all you need to do is hold down the equip button, which is set to Y by default. Doing so will drop whichever weapon you have in your hands, leaving you with the one you have holstered. In other words, your primary weapon will drop as opposed to your secondary. The dropped weapon can then be picked up by any player. And if an ally picks it up, you’ll be rewarded with the “Do You Even Gift?” achievement.

This feature is especially useful if a squad enters a weapon room with a new arsenal to dive into. Instead of trading the weapons by swapping them on the ground, you can now toss whatever weapon you have to them. This can be great for those who wish to not use a mic when communicating with teammates. A feature like this can be extremely helpful if a message needs to be conveyed without resorting to typing out a message.

One thing to remember when dropping weapons is that you will always have one gun on you at all times. You won’t be able to go into battle empty-handed; the game doesn’t allow you to just fight with your fists. Even if you have a Repulsor with some plasma grenades, you still will have at least one gun handy.

However, once you do drop your weapon, your character won’t automatically scoop it back up. You will have to manually pick it up, which is nice if you’re looking to just litter and fight on in the match. Just be careful where you put them on the battlefield; you never know who will pick it up to end up shooting you in the back for the win.

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