Halo Infinite Hydra Launcher | How to Get

There’s no need to Hail Hydra when you’re searching for the powerful rocket launcher in Halo Infinite. The buffed-up weapon makes a marvelous return from its Halo 5: Guardians introduction. But since many Halo fans were divisive on the previous title, there are some who are wondering how they can acquire the Hydra Launcher in multiplayer.

How to Get the Hydra Launcher in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite How to Get Hydra Launcher

Any Halo Infinite player can grab a Hydra Launcher by one of the weapon spawn lockers. These are usually located near spawn areas that give players new weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

They seem to slightly randomize certain combative weapons but do have a tendency to spawn a sort of pattern. In other words, if you notice that the Battle Rifle is appearing more in one locker than the other, trust your gut on that.

The Hydra Launcher will be in some of these weapon lockers. You can always check on them by simply walking up to check which weapon will spawn and when. The light bar on top of the locker will indicate when the weapon shall appear. If it’s in red, you might want to move since the weapon is already in play. But if it’s growing in blue, wait a small moment and the weapon will soon be yours. The idea here is to check and maybe wait and see if the Hydra will spawn.

Right now, the Fracture: Tenrai event features a Fiesta mode where players will spawn with two different weapons. The Hydra is obviously one of these, and it’s the one promising way to use the rocket launcher. It’s unknown how long this mode will last for the event, so try getting those matches in as much as you can.

The Hydra Launcher is definitely one of the more powerful weapons to use in a mode of combative madness.

Once you have the launcher in hand, you’ll be able to cause some serious damage on the battlefield. Since it is equipped with a lock-on mode along with the single-shot, blasting away your foes can be a breeze. The trick is to get a decent distance between you and the target before you can rain hellfire on them. If you’re far from them, the lock-on won’t initiate; but if you’ve got a good skill for faraway shots, you just be lucky with eyeballing it.

Halo Infinite Hydra Launcher Weapon Info

However, if you see yourself on the other end of the Hydra Launcher, you have four shots to move away from before they obliterate you. It’s not as intensely powerful as the regular rocket launcher, but the rate of fire and impact can bring the odds of winning in the wielder’s hands.

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