Halo Infinite Killing Spree Medal | How to Get

We’re falling in love with the free open beta for Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer content. Its improved so much from the initial presentation, and it seems quite potent already! Because of that, more and more players are jumping in on this awesome train! If this is your first Halo game, then welcome! You might be wondering about how you get a Killing Spree medal in Halo Infinite. You’re not alone at all, since this medal can be quite hard to get. We can help you out, though!

How to Get the Killing Spree Medal in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Killing Spree

In order to get a killing spree medal in Halo Infinite, you need to kill five enemies before dying. You need to be the one to land the killing blow on the enemy, not just earn an assist. However, there is no time limit between kills, so you can take your time and kill safely if you want this medal. Great ways to get it safely include sniper rifles or mid-range weapons that let you move quickly.

This medal is a little bit different than a Multikill medal. For those, you need to kill enemies very quickly. The time limit for those is 4.5 seconds. For a Killing Spree, you just need to kill five people at some point in your current life.

This is a bit harder than it may seem. Five kills isn’t too much; there are medals for up to 50 kills in one life, after all. The issue is that you can die really fast in Halo Infinite.

If you’re new to the game and still trying to find your playstyle, melee combat gets kills quickly but are insanely risky. You want to be accurate and mobile, kill people quickly while also avoiding taking too much damage at once. If you want a safe way to gather your kills, you might want to try sniping from a distance. It’s possible to get countersniped, but the enemy team might not notice you in time.

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