Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Locations | Where to Find

Welcome to Ransom Keep! This is one of the earlier objectives that you can take on in the Halo Infinite campaign. Each of these outposts have some collectables that you’re going to want to grab. These have some lore, difficulty scaling, and even the ability to improve Master Chief! So, whether you’re wanting to 100% the game or just make Chief as strong as possible, you should clear out this outpost.

Where to Find All Ransom Keep Collectible Locations

Halo Infinite Ransom Keep

The Ransom Keep collectibles can be found all over the outpost. For each of these, we highly recommend hitting down on the D-pad to show where the collectibles – and hidden paths – are. Here are the following locations that you can find each of collectible:

  • UNSC Log 1: Head to the southern section of the base. Go near the southern cliff, near the destroyed Warthog. It’ll rest in front of the destroyed gear.
  • UNSC Log 2: This one is on top of a nearby cliff. Use the grappleshot from the south of the station to get on top of the southern cliff with the overhead lights on it. There should be a pretty clear path to grapple up towards.
  • Banished Log 1: Head to the walled-in section and check around the stack of tank treads.
  • Banished Log 2: Just inside of the entrance to the building. It should be relatively easy to find if you’ve located the first Banished Log. Use the AI scan to figure out where you can break in through.
  • Spartan Core: Near the southern fuel silo. It’s resting on a pile of supplies on your way to the objective.

This makes a total of five Ranson Keep collectible items that you can find in Halo Infinite. Thankfully, none of these are going to be hard to find with good use of AI Scan, as long as you are relatively close to the objective.

Halo Infinite and its new campaign are a brand new experience for the franchise! Need help clearing out more of the map? We can help you out!