Halo Infinite Second Skull Location | Where to Find Foundation Skull

Playing through any Halo campaign for your first time might as well be going on a scavenger hunt. The skulls are some of the most fun additions to solo content that a short FPS campaign like this has to offer. And the skulls in Halo Infinite are no different! The second skull that you can find in the game is perhaps the least expressive of the skulls. However, it is still worth adding to your collection! If you want to find the second of the skulls in Halo Infinite, then this text-based guide will lead you there!

Where to Find the Second Skull in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Second Skull Location

The second skull of Halo Infinite can be found during the second mission of the game, ‘Foundation.’ There will be a small scene where spiritual children will run around you. When you see the box window, that means you’re around the correct spot. Look for the rafters in the roof and grapple atop them to reach it. The second skull, or the Cowbell, will speed up acceleration from explosions.

If you are having trouble locating exactly where the skull is, we recommend that you use your scanner. Press down on the D pad when in the room with rafters. This will reveal where your new jawbone is located so you know where to grapple.

This is not exactly the most impressive sounding effect. However, explosions cause objects to catapult away from the center of effect! This push can be a lot of fun to play around with, but remember; most skulls are double-edged swords! You’ll be sent flying if you get hit dead-on with an explosive. Which will be absolutely hilarious!

To activate a skull, head to your campaign menu. When there, you can activate any effect you’d like from the “skulls” option. This means you can invent your own crazy combinations of special skull effects to make your campaign awesome!

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