Halo Infinite Stalker Rifle | How to Get

The Stalker Rifle is a weapon you’ll definitely want to use in Halo Infinite. This plasma gun is lethal in medium-range battles, firing a blast of light to destroy opponents. It blends assault rifle and sniper to give you a ranged weapon that’s truly unstoppable. As such, it’s no surprise that players are desperate to get their hands on it. Fear not, as we break down how to get the Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite.

How to Get the Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Stalker Rifle

As with most weapons in Halo Infinite multiplayer, the Stalker Rifle is hidden across the game’s various maps. You can’t boot up a game with the Stalker Rifle already equipped, meaning you’ll need to go out and find it.

The good news is that this weapon is reasonably easy to track down. You’ll find it in large containers strewn across Halo Infinite maps, which are pinned against walls. It’s easier to recognize the Stalker Rifle, as its large size means you won’t find it in smaller containers. As such, you’ll want to hunt out the larger boxes, smash them, and hope to find this gun inside.

It’s really as simple as that! However, you sadly cannot save the weapon, or add it to a custom class. In Halo Infinite, you get new weapons by finding them during multiplayer matches. This is unlike a lot of other multiplayer shooters, where you can unlock guns by levelling up.

Once you do manage to get the gun, you’ll be in for a good time. While it won’t do much good at short range, if you can keep a distance from enemies, it can be brutal. It rattles off plasma shots without needing to reload, and it’s equally accurate without aiming down the scope. You’ll dominate enemies with the Stalker Rifle – so make sure you find it before them!