Halo Infinite Threat Sensor | How to Use

The battlefield is littered with collectables to use in Halo Infinite. From new weapons to new gear pieces, you can really adapt to different situations. One of the more unique pieces of gear in Halo Infinite is the threat sensor. This item promises fame and fortune to the ones who can use it well, but makes no promises of telling you how to use it. If you’re trying to make this sensor do its job, we can help you get it working STAT!

How to Use Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Threat Sensor

In order to use the threat sensor in Halo Infinite, you’ll first have to find it on the battlefield. Once you have one equipped, you can throw it by swapping your equipment until you find it, then hitting the key to use your equipment. By default, controllers use D-pad right to switch equipment and Right Bumper to use it. Keyboards use 1-4 to switch equipment and Q to use the sensor.

Finding the Threat Sensor is half of the battle. You’ll find it floating around in Launch Site, Fragmentation, Highpower, and Deadlock. These will be chilling in Equipment Dispensers. If you find a strange camera with a black clamp on the back, then you’ve got yourself a sensor.

The sensor itself is something you throw against a wall, and it’ll stick to it. This will pulse to alert you about any nearby threats. While not good for damage, this lets you set up ambushes or know where to fire tracking guns. It can also be attached to an ally if you want a moving warning. Your allies also see the ping, so this can keep them from getting ambushed if they’re first into a room.

However, be careful about your placement! The sensor can get shot and destroyed quite easily. Either put it in a place that enemies have to overextend to get it, or be willing to sacrifice your little device for a tiny bit of info.

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