Harvestella Big Rocks | How to Break

Harvestella is a life simulator game by Square Enix, and you know what that means! Between all of the JRPG shenanigans and different quests that you’ll have to undergo, you might forget to take care of your farm. But, ensuring a plentiful harvest is a critical part of Harvestella. And that’s not going to happen with all of the big rocks that cover your field! If you want to maximize the number of crops that you can grow in Harvestella, you’ll need to get rid of some of these obstacles.

How to Break Big Rocks in Harvestella

How to Break Big Rocks in Harvestella

If you want to break big rocks in Harvestella, you’ll need to unlock a higher tier of hammer. To do this, you’ll first need to unlock the Earth Faerie, who will task you to create a better version of your hammer. The Earth Faerie is unlocked in Quest 3C, which is a fair distance into the game, as you’ll need to beat the Winter dungeon. You can check on your Faerie orders using the book in your home.

To even unlock the Earth Faerie, you’re going to have to get far into Harvestella. Quest 3C is no joke, so you’ll need to both farm levels, items, and the story questline if you want to unlock the hammer.

However, getting the tool upgrade is a really, really good idea. While the basic one that you have immediately lets you shatter the small rocks all over your farm, the upgraded one lets you take down the big rocks. If you do not have the upgraded hammer, you can wail on the big rocks for hours without any luck. You won’t even spend any stamina on it!

Once you unlock the Earth Faerie by completing the Seaslight Dungeon, you’ll unlock his orders. This’ll let get even more food items, as well as the Earth’s recipes. From there, just throw the hammer together and you’re good to go!

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