Harvestella Co-Op | Is There Multiplayer?

Since Harvestella is a life-sim, the game comes with a fair amount of socializing and adventuring. These sorts of journeys are often much more rich when experienced alongside your friends. You know: co-op, online multiplayer, or even crossplay multiplayer; that sort of thing. That’s why many players are wondering if Harvestella is coming with or adding any form of co-op or multiplayer. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you on those fronts.

Does Harvestella Have Co-Op or Multiplayer?

Does Harvestella Have Co-Op or Multiplayer?

Harvestella is a single-player game, and it doesn’t include any co-op or multiplayer. And, as far as we can tell, there are no plans to add co-op multiplayer to the game in the near future. So, unfortunately, you can’t play alongside your friends in this game, as it’s meant to be a single-player experience. However, this does not entirely rule out the possibility of co-op multiplayer being added in the future.

It’s common for life simulators to first release and test their game in single-player mode before adding a multiplayer mode. That’s because fine-tuning the experience for one player is difficult enough; re-working the AI to suit two is a lot more work. However, it happens all the time with sim games. As long as their initial release is successful and the fanbase continues to demand multiplayer. So, it’s not too far-fetched for developers to incorporate it into the game. Or, at the very least, into certain game modes, if it can’t directly be implemented into the main story.

With this in mind, there is still a slim chance that co-op multiplayer, or something along the lines, like split-screen, could be added to the game at a later date. However, that most likely won’t be soon, and it could take six months up to a year before developers consider it. This means, don’t get your hopes up for Harvestella to include co-op multiplayer. If it’s not coming with the launch, and the developers haven’t uttered a word about including it, there’s no guarantee we’ll see it in the future.