Harvestella Fast Travel | How to Unlock and Use

When it comes to farming or crafting in Harvestella, you usually need to stock up on specific types of resources. Unfortunately, some are only available in far-away locations. This is a fairly common feature of life simulation games, but running all the way back to these resource locations can be time-consuming. That is why, in order to save a lot of time, it is far more efficient to fast travel. That’s right, you can fast travel in Harvestella, and we’ll show you how to unlock and use the feature in this guide. So keep reading to find out!

How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel in Harvestella

How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel in Harvestella

You must play Harvestella for at least three in-game days before you can unlock fast travel. After your third day, the character Aria will run away and you will have to track her down. This will take you to Higan Canyon, which is located north of your home village Lethe. You’ll gain access to the first dungeon here, and you won’t be able to use fast travel until you finish it.

You’ll meet NPC Dianthus shortly after entering Higan Canyon, with whom you’ll go through the first dungeon. When you finish this dungeon, Dianthus will stop you and give you a Motus Monolite artifact, as well as instructions on how to use it. Don’t skip the dialogue because the Motus Monolite artifact allows you to fast travel in Harvestella, and the dialogue teaches you how to use it.

At first, the Motus Monolite artifact will appear to be a white spherical crystal. When you interact with them, they will turn green and now act as a safe point to fast travel to. So, as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to fast travel to new locations, dungeons, and cities. However, simply visiting them will not suffice; you must also find the Motus Monolite artifact in each of these locations and interact with them to unlock them as a fast travel point.

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