Harvestella | How to Change Hair

Typically the first thing we look forward to when starting a new life-sim RPG like Harvestella is customizing our character. This allows us to personalize our protagonists before sending them off to explore the open world. That’s why many players are curious about how to change their hair in Harvestella, as it is an important part of your character’s appearance. Unfortunately, the options for customizing your character in the game are somewhat limited. Here’s what you can do as far as changing your hero’s hairstyle.

How to Change Hair in Harvestella

How to Change Hair in Harvestella

The only way to change your character’s hair in Harvestella is to swap between the two body types. At the start of the game, you can choose between male, female, or non-binary. Whatever you select, you’ll be presented with the same eight “appearance” options, which will adjust skin tone and body type. Although they aren’t labeled, the top row contains a larger character model and the bottom contains a smaller one, with a variety of skin tones for each.

The larger body type will have a long ponytail that runs down the back of your character. The small body type will have a small ponytail that does not extend past the shoulders. Because there are no hairstyle options in Harvestella, this is effectively how you change your hair. Once you’ve selected the body type, with the equivalent skin tone and hair you want then you’ll have 12 options for how to customize hair color. That is the extent to which you can change your hair in Harvestella.

Then it’s just a matter of choosing your eye color, voice, and naming your character. That’s as far as customizing your character goes in Harvestella. With that, once you’ve gone through with your character model, there’s no way to go back and make changes to their appearance. What you made at the start of the game is what your character will look like through the entirety of the game.

Although this may be a letdown for some players, you can change your character’s outfit by getting different jobs. If you’re curious about how to do that, this guide will explain how to unlock all jobs in the game. If this guide helped, be sure to check out our other Harvestella guides below: