Harvestella | How to Dodge

Harvestella has a difficult combat curve. It is a traditional action JRPG, so it the ability to move quickly is important. However, the controls say nothing about the ability to dodge in Harvestella. And that means an unprepared adventurer might take damage during their fights. But, does that mean you can’t dodge at all? Or do you need to unlock the ability to avoid damage?

How to Dodge in Harvestella

How to Dodge in Harvestella

If you want to dodge in Harvestella, in order to get I-Frames, you’ll need to unlock the “Step” action in the Fighter Class. The Fighter is the only class that gets an invincible move option, so it is imperative that you unlock it. It costs 150 JP, which you can spend on the skill menu. Once unlocked, whenever you begin a Dash, you’ll perform an invincible slide that makes it much easier to counter-attack.

Until you unlock Step, you’ll need to Dodge in Harvestella by using dashes. Dashes are not invincible, but they do let you move out of danger quickly. Get used to the startup on Dash so you can avoid damage early on.

Before you can unlock “Step,” you’ll need to purchase “Blaze.” This unlocks the skill tree. Thankfully, this move only costs 10 JP. You won’t need to farm much at all to unlock this attack.

Once you purchase Step, it is online as long as you have the Fighter job equipped. You can have three jobs equipped at once, which is very nice! However, that means that, if you want to keep Step, you’ll have to sacrifice a job slot for it. Learning how to use dash to “dodge” without invulnerability is crucial if you want to try other classes.

However, some classes will have good movement options that can be a substitute for Step. You will have to try out new skills to see what will work for you during the many, many fights of Harvestella.

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