Harvestella | How to Increase Inventory Size

Crowding your inventory with resources is all too common in life-sim games. Harvestella is no exception, as you’ll be collecting resources and items from all over the place, which begin to add up quickly. You don’t want to be out adventuring and have to cut your journey short because you can’t collect all of the resources in one area. That’s why this guide will show you how to increase your inventory size in Harvestella, allowing you to stockpile even more resources.

How to Increase Inventory Size in Harvestella

How to Increase Inventory Size in Harvestella

In Harvestella, you start with a level 1 backpack that has an inventory size of 16 spaces. However, you don’t have to go the whole game with this backpack, nor do you have to progress deep into the story to increase its inventory size. With that said, you will need to save up your Grilla (in-game currency) because that’s how you buy a level two or three backpack, to give you even more inventory space.

To increase your storage size limit, buy a level two or three backpack at the General Store in Lethe Village. You’ll unlock the General Store by completing the prologue. Chances are good you’ve probably done by now. So, head to the General Store, and you’ll be able to purchase the level two backpack for 500 Grilla, which is a pretty fair price. The level two backpack has an inventory size of comes with 24 slots, eight more than your level one.

However, you’ll most likely be rocking this level-two backpack for quite some time. That’s because the level three backpack cost 10,000 Grilla, and will increase your backpack’s inventory size by another eight slots for a total of 32. After that, you can go one step further and unlock a level 4 backpack for 50,000 Grilla, granting an inventory size of 40 slots. So, upgrading your backpack beyond level two is a pretty costly expense, which will be more attainable later on in the game. However, the makes it all the more worth it when you can start hoarding more resources.

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