Harvestella | How to Upgrade Hammer

Harvestella is a life simulator, a farming simulator, and an action/adventure game all rolled into one. So, when it comes to upgrading and progressing each of these aspects, they tend to intertwine and overlap with one another. For example, if you want to upgrade your hammer so that you can break big rocks and further develop your farm, you’ll need to progress the story in order to unlock the upgrade. Which, of course, brings a slew of enemies in your path. So it will be a challenge, but this guide will show you how to upgrade your hammer in Harvestella.

How to Upgrade Hammer in Harvestella

How to Upgrade Hammer in Harvestella

To upgrade your hammer in Harvestella, you must first unlock the Earth Faerie Shirii. As you work to complete his Faerie Orders, he’ll reward you with advanced farming services, such as upgrading your hammer. However, you won’t be able to unlock each Faerie until Fire Faerie Juno arrives at your doorstep in chapter three of the game. This is many hours into the adventure, so you’ll have to grind the main story for some time before you get to that point.

Once you do, Fire Faerie, Juno will task you with finding each of her friends, which you get after beating each dungeon boss battle in chapter three. Specifically, Earth Faerie, Shirii is in Quest 3C, where you have to beat the Winter Dungeon. This dungeon is no easy task, so you’ll have to spend some time beforehand leveling and upgrading your gear. Now that you’ve unlocked the Earth Faerie, you can upgrade your hammer.

Now, when you check your Faerie Orders in the Faerie Book in your home, you’ll have additional tasks from Earth Faerie. Most of Shirii’s rewards from completing his Faerie Orders give you rewards pertaining to farming. One of those rewards is to upgrade your hammer so that you can break big rocks. All you have to do is complete the Faerie Order for the hammer upgrade, and you’re good to go!

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